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About Hair Thickening With Extensions
Many women suffer from having "less and less hair" because it breaks, gets thinner, or even falls out and leaves bald spots. In any case, this is a serious problem for affected women: They feel vulnerable and unattractive. Their biggest dream is a full and healthy head of hair.
Hair thickening by Hairdreams is the most natural and durable method to give fine and thinning hair body and volume. Several methods of hair thickening are available, depending on how fine or thin your own hair is.

Hair Extensions
With high-quality hair extensions from Hairdreams you can gently and naturally fulfill your dreams of long hair.

The only requirement: at least 8-10 cm of your own hair.

Hairdreams Colors
Hairdreams hair is available in a vast variety of standard colors ranging from subtle natural browns all the way to brilliant red shades, from a wide range of blonde nuances to intense and strong trend colors.

Furthermore, we offer other custom blends, bi-color strands, and special color orders.
All colors stand out with their distinguished fade resistance and brilliance.

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Hairdreams Structures
You can fulfil any customer’s wish with Hairdreams hair structures; no matter if straight or curly. Naturally curly hair is available to achieve a specially natural look.

Hairdreams hair is naturally straight and can be permed at the salon if desired. As an alternative pre-permed hair is available in the above mentioned 3 structures.


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Advantage Through Quality!
The quality of Hairdreams hair extensions makes all the difference. We only work with the best and highest-grade hair, which is procured all over the world in adherence with strict ethical principles.

Intricate and laborious sorting and refinement processes are used to produce hair extensions and other human hair products with the typical shine, elasticity and bounce, characterizing real Hairdreams hair.

The two hair qualities “Basic” and “Special” live up to even the highest expectations of stylists and end clients. Especially our “Special” hair remains unsurpassed in quality and enjoys a legendary reputation among top-stylists all over the world.

Hairdreams hair extensions meet the highest professional standards with their innovative bondings and wide selection of lengths as well as strand sizes.

The Hairdreams standard of perfection and high quality is evident in the hair quality as well as in the seemingly endless combinations of bonding and strand types.

Any client can enjoy a perfectly customized hair extension using the combination that is just right for him or her.

Hairdreams is the ideal base for truly professional hair extensions, thickenings and trendy strand effects.

The Hairdreams Bondings
Hairdreams hair extensions meet the highest professional standards with their innovative bondings and wide selection of lengths as well as strand sizes.

The Hairdreams standard of perfection and high quality is evident in the hair quality as well as in the seemingly endless combinations of bonding and strand types.

Using the combination that is just right for him or her, any client can enjoy perfectly customized hair extensions. Frisco stylist Matthew Dillard is available for appointments.

Hairdreams is the ideal base for truly professional hair extensions, thickenings and trendy strand effects.A total of four different bonding types are available for the careful attachment of Hairdreams strands to your own hair, ensuring an optimal match between the extension and your own hair.

General Questions about Hair Extensions

Where does the hair come from?

Hairdreams attaches great importance to the choice of its hair. You can choose from the two different hair qualities Hairdreams Special and Hairdreams Basic: The luxurious Hairdreams Special quality is raw hair of European type in all natural colors ranging from blonde to dark brown, which come from all over the world. Specially trained Hairdreams representatives select and collect this hair according to highest quality standards. This hair has to be virgin hair (neither colored nor chemically treated) and it can’t be damaged in any way. After it has been collected, the raw hair is hand-selected and hand-sorted, hair by hair, in an elaborate and labor-intensive process. This process of hand-selection takes about 10 days for an average hair extension.

Altogether Hairdreams Special Hair passes through a very complex 15-step process.
Hundreds of hands ensure that our product meets our standard of perfect quality and highest satisfaction.

We make this enormous effort so that the color of the hair only has to be changed slightly in order to match the natural hair spectrum. The refinement process puts such minimal chemical strain on it that one can really almost speak of virgin hair. The result: Hairdreams Special is the absolute indulgence in hair extensions because it has not been chemically lightened and therefore has retained its perfectly elastic surface. For you, the client, it is important that Hairdreams Special Hair can be re-used for up to two years depending on hair style and care.

Hairdreams Basic is a very good hair quality. This hair is made from black human hair, which comes primarily from India and the bordering countries.

This black hair is not collected by Hairdreams representatives, but purchased from wholesalers. Therefore this hair has to be re-arranged, so that that all hairs point in the same direction (root and end).

After that the black hair is gently lightened in a time-consuming osmosis process, and then colored to match the different colors of the natural hair spectrum. This hair is suitable for a wearing period of 4 to 6 months.

Do I Have to Wait for Hair Extensions Frisco?

After the consultation with your hairdresser the Hairdreams strands are selected exactly according to your desired hair style, your own hair color or your desired color, and your hair structure. Some of our Hairdreams Partners have a large selection of Hairdreams strands in their salon and are able to apply your extensions immediately after your consultation. If your salon does not have any Hairdreams hair in stock, it can order and receive it within 24 hours.

How Do Hair Extensions Work?

Hairdreams hair is delivered to your hairdresser in very fine strands. These strands have a connection tip, a so-called “Bonding”, at the top. This Bonding gently connects the Hairdreams strands to your own hair close to the root. The Bondings are warmed up and thus softened, at which point they are closed around your own and the Hairdreams Hair. This process is repeated strand by strand, until the hairstyle of your dreams is perfect.

Our Hairdreams Partners work with two different systems.

With the Selector Method each strand is applied individually and by hand. This system allows for individual customization to your own hair because your stylist can choose from 4 different strand sizes. For volume and fullness for example, strand sizes Normal and Medium are combined for a particularly natural result. The Bondings are rolled or pressed flat and thus adapted to the shape of your head.

With the Laserbeamer Method up to 8 very fine strands can be applied automatically and at the same time. The Laserbeamer is the size of a blow dryer, and it performs the work of manual application at the push of a button. As a result this system is exceptionally fast and cost-effective. The Laserbeamer uses only one strand size called “Comfort” strands, which optimally conform to the shape of your head.

How Long Does the Application of the Strands Take?

This question can’t be answered across-the-board. For starters, the time it will take depends on your desired hair style. A compact hair extension requires many more strands than for just hair thickening. If you would like partial extensions, e.g. bangs, only, then the process is even faster. First and foremost the time needed depends on the number of strands that need to be applied. The next deciding factor in terms of time is the system used. Using the Selector Method, where each strand has to be applied individually, you can expect a time frame of about 1.5 hours for an average hair extension. A comparable hair extension using the automatic Laserbeamer Method will take about a third of that time. Please keep in mind that the time for washing and drying, as well as for possible coloring and cutting has not yet been considered here.

How Much Do Hair Extensions Frisco Cost?

We can not give you a universally valid answer to this question for several reasons:
First off it is important to know what hairstyle you would like, and what your own hair looks like. With this information your hairdresser can decide on how many strands, what length, what structure and what hair quality (Special or Basic) is to be used for your individual desired hairstyle.

Prices also vary depending on the system that is used. Naturally the much faster Laserbeamer Method is more affordable than the individual application by hand using the Selector Method.

And finally the price depends on what your hairdresser charges for the application, as well as additional services such as washing, cutting, coloring etc. Contact Matthew Dillard for more on pricing for hair extensions Frisco.

Do Hair Extensions Look Natural? Are They Visible?

Hairdreams Hair Extensions look completely natural and are not noticeable to people who don’t know that you are wearing them. Your Hairdreams Specialist matches the Hairdreams strands to your own hair’s structure and color, and correct placement of the strands ensures a perfect result.

However, a certified Hairdreams Partner will not agree to do hair extensions if he thinks that he will not be able to achieve a natural-looking result. An example is if you have a short hair cut and you would like to have very long hair extensions. In this case it will probably not be possible to create a flowing transition between your own hair and the Hairdreams Hair. Your hairdresser will bring this to your attention and explain to you what he can do instead, and what the result will look like.

With the huge range of Hairdreams colors you will find the perfect strand for any color type. In most cases your salon will use two to three color shades for completely natural hair color results.

If you would like a special color shade, which is not part of the Hairdreams Color Ring, then your Hairdreams Specialist can have the desired color custom-made by Hairdreams, or he can color the Hairdreams strands himself in his salon. Contact Matthew Dillard for more on pricing for hair extensions Frisco.

Will I Feel the Hair Extensions?

All Hairdreams Bondings are very small and therefore hardly noticeable. We distinguish between Standard- and ComfortPoint- (CP) Bondings. Standard Bondings are available in three sizes: from SuperSmall to Normal. This diversity of available Bondings allows for a perfect fit of your Hairdreams strands and your own hair.

All Bondings are about the same length of 5 – 6mm and are simply of different widths depending on strand size.

How are the strands removed?

Your hairdresser uses our Hairdreams Removal Solution to take out the Hairdreams strands. This is a special solution, which allows for extra gentle removal.

The Removal Solution is applied to the Bondings and penetrates the Bonding material. The material quickly softens and you can simply slide the strands out. Your own hair and the Hairdreams Hair are not damaged in any way by the Removal Solution.

We recommend a Tidy-Up Cut every four to six weeks in order to ensure especially quick and easy removal. During this service your own hair, which has naturally shedded but is stuck in the Bonding, is cut at the top in order to avoid matting.

Your hairdresser will charge his normal hourly rate for both the Tidy-Up Cut and the Removal of the strands. It is best if you clarify those details before you get your hair extensions.

Are Hair Extensions Hard to Take Care Of?

You need to take care of your Hairdreams Hair as you would of your own long hair.
We have a special Hairdreams Hair Care Line, which is specially formulated to meet the needs of human hair extensions. Your Hairdreams Hair is not connected to your scalp and therefore not automatically supplied with natural conditioning substances. The Hairdreams Hair Care Products target this natural deficiency and balance it. When used regularly your Hairdreams Hair will retain its beautiful shine, optimal elasticity and deep color.

Your Hairdreams Salon will recommend the right combination of products for your hair extensions Frisco. Contact Matthew Dillard for more information.


Can I Style And Color the Hair as Usual?

You can style your hair as usual using your blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron. The same is true for other processes such as perms or color. Having hair extensions does not mean that you are stuck with one particular hairstyle.

However, chemical processes like coloring, tinting or perming can drastically change the surface of the hair, thus stressing it. You should only let authorized Hairdreams Salons perform such services in order to get the most out of your Hairdreams Hair.

Brush your hair several times a day from roots to ends using our special Hairdreams Brush in order to prevent tangles.

When blow drying be careful not to set the blow dryer too hot, and to keep it at a distance of at least 20cm (8in). Extreme heat can damage or dry out your Hairdreams Hair.

Beauty Sleep: Tie your hair or put it in a braid before you go to sleep. This is how you avoid tangles in your Hairdreams Hair.

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