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Client Testimonial in Frisco, TX

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Alright, where do I begin with Matthew Dillard? If I had to start with one word it would be Innovator. He’s going to be a stylist as “THE ONE TO WATCH IN DALLAS w/in the next 10 years.” He’s going to be big, some things I just know. His level of detail is more than I anticipated, I knew he’d be good based on his user reviews (very impressive!) but I had no idea he would satisfy my overly inquisitive mind and run circles around that. Look, I ask a LOT of questions and most answer but to the level and detail he does is just unique and rare. He knows and takes pride in his craft. In addition, he understands the art of hair is ever changing, new techniques and practices emerge almost daily. He is going to continue his education (even though he’s already almost always booked, has more clients than he needs) this year, learning from the pro’s that have taught in Paris and around the globe, ! bringing those techniques straight here to Dallas. He explains to you your hair type/condition when he first see’s you, he asks you and listens to your goals, together he combines something maybe even different than you originally anticipated and a better version of YOU. I had damaged hair from a stylist I saw briefly when I first moved to Frisco recently (California transplant!), he explained to me what needed to be done and how to repair. At first, it was difficult to follow his formula but in the end I’m so glad I listened, I have healthy hair after just two visits and I don’t feel the high maintenance feel I use to have, having to be in the salon every 5-6 weeks, now I can go 2-2.5 months w/out obnoxious roots growing out. If you’re a brunette like myself and you want a blonde look, most stylist put the super light platinum blonde’s at the root, he doesn’t, he has the lighter colors towards the middle of your hair so when it grows out you don’t see white against blac! k so-to-speak and this is one *tid-bit* I never gave much thou! ght to u ntil finding this hidden gem. Also, for most women, our hair and its condition means a lot, don’t go cheap and think, I’ll find someone who charges less, look, you do get what you pay for in life and you may end up visiting your stylist less which equals less money if you follow his guidelines. He more than earns his money when you’re in his chair, he takes his TIME with you, he is anal about every stand he touches and this is NO exaggeration; he’s worth every penny and then some. If you look at his time per hour, it’s actually a bargain if you ask me. He’s had a few clients come crawling back and end up spending more money as a result to repair the damaged hair, they don’t listen. His goal is to have you looking your best for your skin tone and lifestyle. It might not happen overnight but if you follow his formula he’ll have you on your way too looking fabulous. I also recommend a shampoo line he introduced me to, it’s Italian not American. Most American shampoos LAT! HER whereas most European lines don’t. When it lathers it dries out your hair MORE SO, the European lines have no lather. It’s hard to get used to at first, you’re like “whereas the lather” but then you see the results in as little as 30 days, MUCH softer and healthier hair. In fact, I’m so mad my husband now loves the shampoo so I have to not only buy for myself but get enough to cover him too (ha, ha) so much for keeping my mouth shut. Also, Matthew is opening up his very own salon this year so don’t let the small boutique steer you away. Oh and I use the Davine’s line, I use the MOMO shampoo moisturizing for dry and dehydrated hair and Nounou pak. I read a lot of reviews on these products and quite a few celebs also use this line if that’s important to you or not!


I recently moved to Frisco from Chicago and was looking for a new hairdresser. I came across Matthew Dillard's website and the reviews were so amazing I decided to schedule an appt. My first visit was a simple haircut, that I must say I was very pleased with. Matthew doesn't try to push a haircut on you that you may not like, He listens to you and understands where you want to go with your hair; be it a cut or color. My latest appt with Matthew was color change. Now let me explain.....my hair was very dark (almost black) and I was going for a light brown with some honey highlights. I knew it would be a bit of a challenge due to the dramatic change I was seeking for the summer. I must say I was very, very pleased and impressed with my results. Matthew went beyond my expectations. He did an amazing job and I highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking a master colorist.


I can't say enough good things about Matt - great stylist! He is very honest and will give you a truthful opinion while listening to what you want. Also, took some time to show me styling techniques. Fabulous hair worth every penny! Thanks Matt.


Matt gave me the most shapely cut I've ever had. I have fine hair and was always told I could never have layers because it would make it thinner. What Matt did with my cut is just the opposite. He educates his customers on how to properly take care of their hair and which products to use....products without harsh ingredients. He takes the time to carefully explain how to keep your hair maintained and restore its health. I highly recommend him, as he has been cutting and coloring my hair for 3 years now.


Matt has brought my hair back to life. I started going to Matt about 3 or 4 months ago and my hair is tremendously better now! It was unhealthy, not shiny, and breaking off. With the right products and the right advice, it is almost back to normal.
I would recommend Matt to anyone - but especially those who have damaged hair or bad color!!


Wow! My first appointment with Matt was today.....tears came to my eyes more than once because my hair looked more beautiful than it had looked in years! Matt took time to listen to me, to educate me about my hair and it's new cut, and to introduce products to me that I had inquired about. He told me WHY he was cutting it the way he was. He is truly a talented and educated man. I felt relaxed, pampered and beautiful by the time I left. Thanks a million, Matt!


Matt Dillard saved my hair....AGAIN! Matt has been my stylist off and on for about 3 years now, and he continues to save my hair when I make the mistake of going to someone else... before my sisters wedding I decided to try a new stylist who totally botched my color, and gave me the most awful haircut! Panicked, I ran back to matt... and he worked his magic once again. I don't know how he managed to not only fix my color, but cut as well, AND most importantly: he did not sacrifice the integrity of my hair. It is now healthier and more radiant than ever, and he set me up with a regiment of custom products that make my hair look salon finished everyday . The one thing I learned from this experience... NEVER CHEAT ON YOUR STYLIST! Matt's services are worth every penny, and his work is always suited to enhance the unique beauty of every client!


Matt really took his time with me and did a wonderful job putting highlights in my hair. I have never been to someone who knew so much about color and the different techniques for cutting hair. Thank you, Matt for doing such a great job!


I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon in Matt's chair at Salon M this week. I went in as a new(and nervous) client, and left with fabulous color, cut, style and confidence! Matt is completely knowledgeable in every aspect of his profession. He walked me through every step of the process and explained in detail what color, products, cut, and styling tools and techniques would work best on my hair. I am very pleased with the result and feel confident that I can now keep the style looking great myself! Thanks!


Matt did wonders with my thin dull hair - everyone has noticed a difference! He also spent a great deal of time teaching me how to manage my type of hair. Matt rocks!


From now on, Matt is the only stylist I will ever allow to lay a finger on my hair! My cut and color are both smokin' hot. Ladies, if you want to look like a goddess, you better book with Matt. He is an extremely talented hair artist.


I met Matthew in 2002 when he saved my hair. Someone had completely ruined my hair –damage and 5 different colors.......it was tragic!!!!! I said save me and he did! He is very knowledgable of his craft and because of that I trust him. He has been doing my hair ever since! I have complete faith in his talent. He has become a trusted friend over the years he knows who I am and my hair always reflects my personality and I always look my best. I walk in and have complete faith in his desicions. I have driven for hours to see him and he has always made time for me. I REFUSE to see anyone else. Thanks Matt, what would I do with out you?


Matt takes his time with each client no matter how busy he is!! He is a true professional!!!


Matt is the most amazing stylist I have ever gone to. He not only takes the time to listen but always makes suggestions and creates the perfect cut. Matt also took the time to teach me how to style my hair. No one has ever done that. My husband started going to Matt and his hair looks so much thicker and he is constantly being asked what is "different" about his appearance. My entire family goes to Matt and we are so thankful to have found him. We will never go to anyone else! Thank you Matt!


"Thank you so much for doing a fabulous job on my hair! Most hair stylist don't really "listen", they nod when you explain what you want. You went through the steps with me and we created a "look" together. Thank you."


"Matt repaired a botched dye-job wonderfully! I am so thankful!!"


"I feel great about myself evertyime I leave the salon. Matt always does a great job."


"Matt gave me a 'gratis' cut and color after I got laid-off and needed to look my best for job interviews. I will never go to anyone else. Thank's Matt, you are fabulous!"




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